Newfoundland Puppies

Great Puppies Start from Great Dogs!
Newfoundland Puppies
The combining of the two pedigrees with fantastic lineage makes for great puppies, and right along with it, great dogs! Our foundation bitch Momma Mia quickly finished her AKC championship under two years old – and the pedigrees of the studs we chose, and of Mia herself, simply spoke for themselves. The parents and grand parents on both sides exemplify Newfoundland dog type and standards, and that we maintain through the lines we continue to breed.

Just as significantly as whom they are in the “show world” our dogs are family members… Mia’s family consists of a number of children; four boys and a girl, and a menagerie of cats, and other Newfs.

Buying a Mountain To Sea Newfoundland Puppy

Purchasing and owning a pure bred Newfoundland puppy is truly and investment. You must be an active dog owner that is willing to commit the time and effort necessary to raise a healthy and happy dog.  Below are a few of the most important criteria for choosing a dog:

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