VN CH Honey Lane’s Do Something Great, CD, WRD, DD

Honey Lane's Do Something GreatMojo was bred by Kelli Lepore of Honeylane Newfoundlands, and is owned and loved by Katie and Matt Sidesinger and Kelli LePore.  We here at Mtn-to-Sea are very proud of the accomplishments of this young dog and his dedicated owners who have put so much time and effort to realizing his potential.  We asked Katie to describe his accomplishments thus far, and WOW, what a list!

“Mojo is everything we could have dreamed for in a Newf and he is still such a puppy. We wanted a sound dog with a good temperment and working ability. In short we wanted a Newf capable of a VN.  We got all of that and much more in Mojo.  He is intelligent, athletic, proud, enthusiastic and silly!!  He loves to work, loves to show and loves to play. In short he LOVES life.  He is a lover…constantly wanting attention and burying his head into your lap or jumping up to give kisses.

Mojo earned his RN at 8 months of age, his WD at 10 months and his DD and CD at 19 months of age. He won two majors at 21 months of age and is just a few points and his WRD away from a VN. To say that we got everything we wanted in Mojo is an understatement. He is a really fun dog to work and show with beautiful movement, lovely structure and a great head.

We look forward to a very bright future for him and are so blessed and thankful for being given the opportunity to own this wonderful dog. He makes us laugh and brings smiles to all who meet him. He is a testament to his wonderful breeder, Kelli Lepore and to his beautiful parents Lucy and Stitch.”

–Katie Sidesinger (Mojo’s Owner)

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