Best In Show Junior

Becker and Stell

Our biggest brag here at Mountain to Sea Newfoundlands includes one very special Newfoundland bitch, Stella, and one very special kid, Becker Reep, our middle son. Becker and Stella have been the South Eastern Newfoundland Club‘s top Junior Handler since 2009.

In 2012, Becker and Stella were not only the SENC’s Top Junior, they were the Newfoundland Club of America’s number one Junior, and nationally, this duo was NUMBER FOUR in the country, all ages, all breeds in this same year. This was a fantastic accomplishment for a boy who was only 13 years old. Becker’s Juniors Dog and best friend is Bronze Grand Champion HoneyLane’s BeeCreek Mtn-to-Sea Stella.

Stella was entrusted to us by Ginny Graham of Bee Creek and Kelli LePore of HoneyLane’s Newfoundlands. Kelli used our very own Stitch as a stud dog, and then Stella was shared with us by Ginny and Kelli. Stella came here as a ten week old puppy and immediately made herself known in household as being a wild child! She and Becker developed a very special relationship. Becker took ownership, and started training his dog himself.

The feedback from the judges is what epitomizes the team. They have all commented about the relationship between Becker and Stella and how special it is to see the two of them work together. Stella adores her boy, and tries her Newfy best to please him. She has learned what is expected from her in the ring, and Becker has continued to work on his handling skills.

Becker has qualified for The Westminster Kennel Club dog show and the Eukanuba National Championship for two consecutive years now. In 2012, Becker and Stella won 12 Best Juniors in Show. This great team also earned an Award of Merit at the Newfoundland Club of American’s National Specialty in 2012.

Becker and Stella at the 2012 Newfoundland National Specialty